Independent Living LLC.

Mission & Vision: We strive to provide people opportunities to realize their potential, so they can develop their independence within their homes and communities to live valued and dignified lives. The vision of Independent Living is to create a comfortable living environment where our aim is to not only meet the needs of the people we care for but support their dreams and help them reach milestones, and achieve their goals. We will collaborate with individuals and their families to provide high-quality lifelong natural supports that will empower people to thrive in their home and communities.  

Our Leadership Team

Hanade Abualburak

President / Founder

Gail Glaser

Vice President / Program Specialist


Why choose us?

Manal D.

(Family of individual receiving services)

My daughter is receiving Residential Services through Independent Living LLC. Since she has moved in, she has received affectionate care by people who have big hearts. We have found a place for her that makes her feel comfortable and gives all of us hope for her future. They are taking care of all her needs and that is why as a mom of someone with intellectual disabilities, I know she is safe and happy. 

Amanda N.

(Employee testimony)

I can honestly say that I enjoy going to work! I work in an environment where I am treated with respect and I'm valued as an employee. Independent Living LLC may currently be a small company, but it's a company with a big heart! I'm excited to see what the future has in store as we continue to expand into the community!

Gail G.

(Employee Testimony)

I enjoy working for this small family oriented company. We work as a team and truly value each other's worth and unique talents that everyone brings with them. We are there to support each other as well as the people we serve. I am so happy to have the opportunity to help develop and assist making this company grow! 

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